Ladies Night

Ladies Night

Whether you work in a corporate office or are a busy stay-at-home mom, Ladies Night at Pottery Hollow is just what you need to help you let go of your hectic week and start a relaxing weekend. Come unwind with us and paint your stress away.

Party and Paint

  • When: Every Friday nite from 6pm until 10pm. OR, Starts at 4pm until 10pm with a reservation.
  • Who: Bring as many friends as you like! Glen Carbon can accommodate a max of 14 in the party room.
  • Where: With a big group you can have our back room, otherwise you can get your own table or two for a smaller entourage!
  • What: Bring your own cocktails and snacks!

RSVP us at least 1 1/2 weeks in advance so we are prepared for your group and can stay later–if not, we close at 9pm.

Supply fee is reduced to $5 for ladies on ladies night.